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Company Values – Why They Really Matter

Here at Podium, we have recently been looking at our company values i.e. what do we, Podium, stand for and how do we want to carry out our business?  We wanted to identify a set of values that would be the foundation of what we do and that would underpin all our interactions, whether with colleagues, clients, suppliers, landlords or visitors to our buildings.  These would not only act as a “guide” to team members when carrying out their day to day tasks, but also create a sense of common purpose among the team.

It would have been easy for the senior leadership team to make a list, pop it on the website and be done with it, but for the process to be authentic we wanted to involve everyone in the business and ensure that these values are integrated into everything we do.

We started by running a couple of polls on Menti.com. We asked two simple questions, and can share with you the top 5 answers for each.  

  1. What are the 3 personal values that are most important to you?

Podium Team ValuesIf Podium was a person, what would their values be?Podium Company Values

It was so interesting to see that the same or similar words were coming up so frequently.  We already had our values without realising it, we just hadn’t formally written them down!

Following on from this, we ran some small focus groups, where 4 or 5 team members got together on Zoom to talk about why the values they chose are so important to them and how that translates to the workplace.  It really was such an interesting and insightful exercise and we were able to use all the information to identify Podium’s values.  We will be announcing them officially very soon, so watch this space!

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