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1. Podium Dock Clubs are premium level business spaces designed to allow Members to cowork in a professional environment, subject at all times to a policy of fair usage. Members are welcome to come and go as many times as required during the Opening Hours, subject to the terms of their membership, but should not occupy or use communal areas in such a way that is detrimental to the enjoyment of the other Members of the Dock Club. All members should be considerate in their use of the Dock Club.

2. We welcome company-wide memberships but we do not allow more than 5 people from the same company to use the Dock Club simultaneously and cannot accommodate meetings of more than 5 people in the communal coworking areas.  If you would like a space for more than 5 people to work or meet, please ask us about our day office and private meeting room hire or exclusive Dock Club hire.

3. Chairs, desks and tables should not be reserved by leaving coats or belongings unattended for more than 30 minutes. Storage lockers are available from Reception at some Centres at additional cost and subject to a fair usage policy, and are used at the risk of the Members.

4. Members and their guests are requested to adhere to a business or smart casual dress code at all times.

5. Members must keep the Dock Club tidy and clear of rubbish and, on vacating the Dock Club after each use, Members must leave the Dock Club in a tidy condition and free of the Member’s equipment, goods and chattels. Any cups and other crockery used by the Members should be cleared to the dishwasher.

6. Members may bring up to two guests into the Dock Club for up to two hours free of charge on any one day. Where a Member brings a guest to a Dock Club, the Member must accompany the guest and be responsible for their behaviour and for any expenses incurred by the guest. All guests must register at the Centre’s reception prior to entry into the Dock Club. Guests must remain with the Member at all times and are not permitted to occupy an individual desk or table, or to remain at the Dock Club when the Member has left. Should you wish for a guest to be with you for longer than two hours a guest day pass is required which can be purchased via reception. If you would like to bring more than two guests into the Dock Club, a meeting room should be booked as appropriate. Admitting guests to the Dock Club is subject to fair use and any guest benefiting from Dock Club facilities on a frequent basis would need to take a Dock Club membership. Podium reserves the right to exclude any Member or guest, or ask them to leave at Podium’s sole reasonable discretion and without explanation, and with no refund of any fees previously paid.

7. Meeting rooms are subject to additional charges and should be booked in advance at Reception. Meeting rooms must be promptly vacated and left clean and tidy. Should additional time be required, this will be subject to availability and at additional charge. The capacity indicated for each room should not be exceeded.

8. The Client must not publish the name, address, telephone or any other pertinent details of the Dock Club or the Building on its website, email signature, letterhead, business cards or any other publication.

9. Members and their guests must not remove or damage any property, fixtures or fittings belonging to the Dock Club or any property belonging to another Member, user or guest. Podium reserves the right to claim costs and damages in full from the Client for any such removal or damage incurred.

10. The food and beverages supplied in the Dock Club are subject to fair usage and should not be taken from the Dock Club to be consumed off site or in private offices.

11. No food must be left in the fridges overnight. Anything which is left will be disposed of.

12. Any Member wishing to hire the Dock Club for exclusive or evening use should speak with the Centre’s reception team.

For more information on Dock Club guidelines please contact the centre team or call customer care on 0845 0780370.


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