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Attracting Talent: The Importance of Location

Despite the post-pandemic popularity of home working, the majority of businesses have realised that whilst a flexible culture is great for morale and job satisfaction, an office hub, in whatever form it may take, is essential for success.  A place for collaboration, motivation and creativity, to give a sense of team and a sense of purpose and ultimately be as productive as possible.


Location has always played a vital part in attracting and retaining the best employees, especially those employees who place a high value on work/life balance.  Just because staff aren’t always office based for five days a week, location is even more crucial to successful recruitment, and not just in the widest sense of the word.

If you are looking to attract the best quality candidates, getting your location spot on is about more than making sure you are in the right town or city.  At a time when businesses are having to work overtime to convince reluctant homeworkers to come back to the office, aspects such as local amenities, public transport links or parking all contribute to being an attractive place to work.

In addition a high profile or prestigious location mean more brand visibility and better customer perception.

A flex office is the perfect low risk route to finding the perfect location for your business and your people.  Podium’s diverse network of managed and serviced offices across London and the South of England offer everything from character period buildings in Soho to business park locations in Oxford.  We choose our locations carefully based on transport links, local amenities and services and the best quality space.

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