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National Walking Month at Podium

pedometerYou might assume that working at Podium is a desk based job, meaning hours on end of sitting down staring at a computer screen.  Any Podium team member will tell you that nothing could be further from reality and their working hours are spent largely on their feet, whether visiting clients at the other end of the building, checking kitchens or running fantastic events in our Dock Clubs. In central London particularly, our team racks up thousands of steps each day juggling clients needs from Marylebone to Bloomsbury, with the sales team sometimes meeting prospective clients at three or four locations in a single day – of course walking to each appointment!

To coincide with National Walking Month each May, we launched a “Steps in a day” competition to see how far our team members really walk each day. National Walking Month is run by Living Streets, the charity for every day walking, campaigning for better walking environments so people walk more – enhancing health and our environment.

We invited team members so submit data from a FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch etc. showing their highest number of steps on a working day.  We knew the step counts would be high but we were all surprised by how far our teams walk in the course of doing their daily work!  Guidelines state an active adult should aim for 10,000 steps per day, but here at Podium many of us are more than doubling that figure.

Muna, centre manager at our Ealing and Chiswick centres, was crowned winner, with a massive 27,371 steps in a single working day.  This equates to an incredible 12.86 miles!  The flight of stairs champion was Millie over at Oxford East Point, climbing a whopping 53 flights of stairs, an elevation total of over 500 feet.  Well done to Muna and Millie, we hope you have comfortable shoes for work doing all those steps!

At Podium Space we encourage a healthy and active lifestyle – many of our centres have bike storage and onsite showers for clients who like to walk, run or cycle into the office.  Most have gyms nearby, and whilst we all enjoy the odd treat, clients can indulge in complimentary light breakfasts every day in our Dock Clubs.

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