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Our Values – People, Pride & Partnerships

If you read our recent post about Company Values you will know that we have been working with Podium team members across all sites and levels to identify who we are and how we want to do business.

During this process, the same words were coming up time and again – respect, communication, teamwork, integrity.  We wanted to be a little more creative and produce something that epitomised the kind of business we want to be and the relationships we want to foster with our team members, clients and suppliers.  Something that embodies who we are and what brings our team together.  3 or 4 single words weren’t enough to capture the “spirit” of Podium, so we have grouped our values into headings: PEOPLE, PRIDE and PARTNERSHIPS.


Our people are the most important ingredient in Podium’s success and we want to create a strong team environment in which every team member places the highest importance on respect and positive communications. We want to empower our people to take on new challenges and give them confidence to grown and develop. We want to recognise a job well done.




We take pride in ourselves and the work we do every day, aiming to be the best we can and keep the values of quality and customer service at the forefront of our minds.




What sets us apart from the field is the partnerships we create with clients, suppliers, landlords and each other.  We are professional, transparent and flexible in everything we do.  We are invested in each others’ success and that of our clients.


Watch this space to find out how we plan to launch and celebrate our Values.

Podium offers flexible offices to rent in London, Oxford, Bath, Ealing, Chiswick and Bournemouth, as well as Virtual Office services and Meeting Rooms to hire.  See all our locations here.  Our experienced and professional teams combined with high quality flexible workspaces are what sets Podium apart from the field. 

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