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What Makes a Good Workspace?

Aside from the obvious – location, desk, chair, computer – businesses should strive to promote wellbeing and productivity through the working environment they provide for their employees.

Everyone wants to work in a happy and healthy workspace and with so many elements to consider, what are the key elements of a good office environment?


Create an environment that people want to spend time in.  Natural light is essential for mental and physical wellbeing, so consider this when planning your space.  All Podium properties offer a wide range of offices benefiting from natural light and our support teams are here to help you plan the layout that works for you.

fresh britain office


Creating individuality and using your branding in your space helps employees stay focused on the business and its goals, and gives visitors a great first impression. Our central London managed offices offer an office design service to help you make the space your own.



Taking regular breaks are essential to keeping focus and preventing burnout and fatigue, making it essential to have somewhere to go at work to escape from your desk.  Breakout spaces such as a Podium Dock Club offer the perfect place to have a coffee or lunch break, make a phone call, have an informal meeting or just work away from your desk for a while.  These kind of spaces also mean noise can be kept out of the office allowing people to focus and be more productive.



A sense of community and shared purpose is vital to fostering a positive company culture, and the conversations and interactions on a social level are an important part of this and one of the main reasons why people want to come into the office.  A breakout space such as The Dock Club gives the ideal venue to catch up with colleagues over lunch or share a drink from the beer fridge on a Friday afternoon.


With the rise of hybrid working, offices that are designed to accommodate different types of working make the best workplace environments.  A flex office is the perfect solution for businesses with hybrid working patterns with various sized offices and space for overflow either in coworking lounges or in private offices bookable by the day.  Businesses need to accommodate personality and working preferences, with some people needing a very quiet environment to focus and others thriving in a communal workspace.  With a variety of options including phone booths, private offices and meeting rooms, breakout spaces and hot desks, a Podium office solution ticks the boxes for any working style.


Good quality office furniture is vital to a great office, with employees comfort and wellbeing being of the utmost importance.  A Podium office features high quality desks and adjustable chairs to encourage good posture which should be supplemented with adjustable monitor or laptop stands to avoid the dreaded “tech neck”.

healthy snackWELLNESS

Natural light, fresh air and some green plants all contribute to a healthy workplace, but why not provide filtered water, fruit and healthy snacks to keep your employees’ energy up, help improve their concentration and boost productivity?  At a Podium Dock Club, daily complimentary breakfast is provided with healthy options such as fruit, porridge and yoghurt.  Soup and toasties are also on offer on certain days of the week to keep the workers fed and watered.  Great coffee and premium tea goes without saying, and either bean to cup coffee or Nespresso machines are offered in most of Podium’s locations.  Many sites also offer showers and bike storage for those who like to fit some exercise into their working day.



Lastly – choosing a workplace that has great amenities either within the office or the surrounding area, is key to employee wellbeing as well as attracting talent.  Green spaces, retail outlets, fitness facilities and quality eating and drinking establishments all make coming to work so much more enticing. With locations such as Soho, Chiswick, Bath and Oxford, Podium clients are spoilt for choice and our teams are full of local knowledge and recommendations on the best on offer in the area.

Although a great physical environment is a major factor in creating a great workplace, the best places to work are ones where employees feel valued, comfortable and inspired.  Podium can help you create the office environment that works for your business and your people.  Speak to our sales team today to discuss your requirements.