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Why Podium’s Partnerships Set Us Apart From the Field

At Podium we consider every working relationship we have as a partnership, not something transactional or transient, but a long-term proposition; something to be valued and nurtured.  These Partnerships are based on our company values of honesty, respect, flexibility, loyalty and transparency.

For every new team member who joins Podium and for every client who takes a service with us, whether a large office or a simple mailing address, we are invested in their success and enjoy supporting them on their journey.


Podium’s Client Partnerships

We prioritise making our clients feel supported and welcome and creating long-lasting partnerships.  We aim to be transparent in all our transactions with clients – we set out our terms clearly and take extra measures to ensure that clients are clear about when and how the renewal of their contracts will take place.  Our centre teams work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere; a workplace where people enjoy coming to work.

Our longest-standing client Aerogen moved into their office in our Belsyre Court property in Oxford in 1998 and have remained there ever since – the ultimate in loyalty.  Natasha Turner, Oxford Area Manager says “the first Podium centre was opened in Cornmarket Street, Oxford in 1999, shortly followed by Belsyre Court.  There are number of clients who have had their offices with us for many years and one of the most rewarding parts of our job is building those long term relationships with much valued clients and supporting them whilst they grow their businesses.  The last 2 years have been the most challenging period of time that we, and most of our clients have ever experienced, but we have really valued the community spirit and mutual support of the businesses within our flex office environment and we have all helped one another through it.”

Podium’s Supplier Partnerships

When we choose a supplier, we aren’t looking for a cheap price or empty promises, but shared values of flexibility, transparency and honesty and the mutual desire to enjoy a long-term, successful business partnership. Mark Purnell from the Unify Group has worked as a supplier to Podium since 2018, responsible for procurement across much of the company’s purchasing from cleaning through to building projects.  We asked Mark his thoughts on partnership in the context of being a Podium supplier:

“Partnership” is a word that is serially misused in today’s business buzzword parlance. All too often the reality is nothing more than a pretty typical and tired customer/supplier relationship with a bit of meaningless window dressing applied.

However, having worked in genuine partnership with the high-quality Podium team for so many years, it really is a breath of fresh air to experience all that the word truly means applied in practice; lived and breathed throughout the length and breadth of the company, each and every day. As a result, Podium have our complete loyalty, and we in turn enjoy theirs. They and their clients benefit from the highest levels of service and commitment that we can deliver, always and only at the very best value. Everyone’s a winner.

Podium’s Team Partnerships

The experience of the Podium team is what really sets us apart from the field.  Podium has been providing high quality flexible office space for well over twenty years, and the industry experience of our team speaks for itself:

Julian Cooper – MD & Founder – 23 years

Candy Woodington – Operations Director – 18 years Podium, 24 years total in flex offices

Charlotte Morrison – Operations Manager – 12 years

Esme Fouche – Customer Service Assistant – 15 years

Lucy Clarke – PJ to MD – 9 years

Millie Pepperell-Gray – Customer Service Manager – 13 years

Natasha Turner – Oxford Area Manager – 13 years Podium, 25 years total in flex offices

Rose James – Accounts Assistant – 10 years

That’s an incredible 74 years of experience in the flex office industry in our senior management team alone!

Candy Woodington, Podium’s Operations Director and longest serving team member agrees that the Partnerships we create are part of what makes working at Podium so rewarding:

“I feel really privileged to have worked with so many companies over the years and witnessing so many inspiring journeys including small start-ups who have, whilst occupying space with us, successfully taken their companies to IPO.  I pride myself in being able to speak through the challenging issues that arise from time to time, focusing on our Partnership values of honesty, respect, flexibility, loyalty and transparency.  By founding our interactions on these values, we are able to forge strong relationships with mutually beneficial commercial and personal outcomes.”

Podium offers flex offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms in Oxford, London, Bournemouth, Bath, Ealing and Chiswick.  To find out more about how Podium’s partnerships and how we can support your business, contact us here.