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Celebrating Podium’s Partnerships

Barry maggspartnerships

Our values are important to us. We actively seek out clients, suppliers and landlords who want to work in partnership with us . Businesses who are professional, transparent and flexible and act with integrity.

For our most recent Podium award we decided to celebrate Podium’s partnerships, putting a spotlight on some of the great working relationships we have.

One of the recipients of a Podium award is Barry Maggs of Maggs Estate Management, with whom we’ve worked for many years on all manner of projects, from general maintenance and decorating through to fit out of new spaces and even responding to out of hours call outs.

The Podium and Maggs teams work together in partnership and most importantly Maggs’ team understands how important it is to minimise disruption to our clients whilst undertaking work, often agreeing to overnight or weekend working – the customer comes first.

Podium Regional Manager for London, Mark Dalton values the working relationship he has with Barry hugely, saying “Barry’s dedication to Podium is unwavering, and he and his team are crucial to our ability to deliver the best levels of service to our clients.  The award is well deserved and I am so pleased to be able to recognise our partnership in this way.”

Maggs Estate Management supports Podiums flex offices throughout London, offering maintenance, repairs and all type of building services.